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Vridge 1.3.3

Play PC VR games inside your mobile VR headset with VRidge technology. For a fraction of the cost!This app enables RiftCat's VRidge technology on Andr

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Jotter 5.5.1

NOTE: Made for Galaxy Note with S-Pen. ================================= NOTE: IN PORTRAIT MODE, SWIPE TO THE LEFT ON THE TOOLBAR TO SEE MORE BUTTONS

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本应用会读取您手机"/data/misc/wifi/*.conf"的数据并展示.本应用功能无比单一,无任何联网请求,不会做任何的上传等行为,源码即将开源,请放心使用!邮箱:[email protected]

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This is a useful launcher app.You can-find apps quickly by the several ways-start this from status bar, long search, camera or home button.Labels are

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It's here – the Tech Terms Computer Dictionary for Android!Want to ramp up your knowledge of technology terms? Try the Tech Terms app from TechTerms.

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Environment Monitor is a weather app, using GPS location and your device's sensors.Displays outdoor temperature, humidity, air pressure and THI of cur

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Vine 6.0.0

Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to s

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LockNow 1.2

Lock and power off screen

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Project Log 1.5.0

Project Log delivers everything you need to track your work time fast and simple. It's the best timesheet app for android. Built for freelancers.Featu

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微观资讯 1.9.4

● “微观”致力于为广大“观众”提供最个性化最精准的资讯获取、资讯社交服务● 聚合网易,新浪,腾讯,百度,凤凰,搜狐等各大门户平台的新闻资讯● 采用最精准的智能算法为每一位用户推送最感兴趣的新闻资讯● 用户可以定义“我想看”关键词,打造自己专属的资讯管家● 全新知识模块,让您在零碎的时间内,也能轻松

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Configure the device for life situations (at home, at work, in your car, sleep outside, ...) with one click. Only manual configuration. For automatic

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证件照研究院App是一个特黑科技、特别设计、特别方便的证件照专业检测&证件照制作平台。1、全免费的证件照合规性检测平台支持从各国签证到各类报名考试在内的近400种证件照规格,36个检测项,免费进行证件照合规性检测:● 从「像素大小」到「分辨率」● 从「jpg」到「背景颜色」● 从「人脸姿态」到

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CPlayer 1.0.2.fix2

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AfterFocus 2.1.0

Thank you for your interest in our product AfterFocus.:) Feel free to email to the developer for any bugs, suggestions and comments. =================

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KeKeLauncher v2.3.0

可可桌面,让手机好看更好用!海量的精品主题、锁屏、壁纸; 独有的心情场景,雨、雪、雾; 精准的智能分组功能,快速整理应用; 实用的一键清理、时钟天气、快捷开关等插件, 一切等你来体验~ 【功能亮点】 >稳定流畅:流畅的操作体验和稳定的性能 >简洁易用:简而不陋的界面设计,操作简单、便捷

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Pocketbooth 1.4.0

Pocketbooth turns your Android device into a vintage photobooth.Meticulously designed to emulate the experience of a 1950s-era Model 11 Photobooth, Po

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