Battleship War 3D [paid]

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Ahoy, captain! I can already hear the sounds of cannons around! Let's start the strategy game - hurry up and arrange your ships to win the sea battle! But first, pick the style: ancient empire, medieval wars, or modern age!

Ocean. Infinite water space. Mysterious, terrifying, romantic and exciting marine world with a lot of opportunities to do. Everyone will find something for himself in the sea – you can go fishing, explore pirate bay and find treasure, or you can take a part in a real battleship combat and feel like a hero of pirate adventures. Load your cannon and prepare to fight!

✮ ✮ ☠HOW TO PLAY☠✮ ✮
Tap the screen to choose the theme for our sea journey. Then drag and drop the ships to arrange them. When it is your move, tap the screen to choose a grid where to shoot. You'll see if you guessed the location of your enemy's ship.

As I told you, you can choose the epoch of the naval battleship. It's a way more exciting than a casual sea battle 3d. Here you can see everything - from modern guns, trying to sink ships, to a mythic kraken, hiding under the water.
Anyway, your main mission during the strategy game, is ship shooting! Try to guess where are your adversary's ships and FIRE! Feel like a battleship destroyer and professional boat finder, no matter what era it is now, and become a star of sea navigation!

✮ ✮ ☠Battleship War 3D PRO features☠✮ ✮
➵ A battleship board game with exciting 3d effects!
➵ There are 3 playing modes: Ancient, Medieval and Modern!
➵ You can arrange your ships as you like!
➵ When you explode your enemies, you can actually see that!
➵ You have to use logic, strategy and tactics skills to win!

Battleship War 3D PRO has already started! Prove that you are a better ship shooter than your opponent and show who is a sea king here! If you are fed up with old school games, but still want to try your wits, we've got a whole world, full of time travel adventures! Start with an ancient war, then go to a medieval battle, and finally get to the modern naval battles!
Enjoy the battleships and ship shoot challenges in 3D!

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