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★ Smart Device? Smart Wallpaper.
TapDeck turns your wallpaper into a gateway of content discovery.

• Double Tap to change your wallpaper.
• Swipe Up to discover more about the image and content relevant to it.

★ Content Discovery.
A true boredom beater, TapDeck is your launch pad to a world of entertaining images, audio, text and video - bringing it all to you, considering your context via the best third party content providers.

TapDeck is currently integrated with:
• Reddit
• Wikipedia
• Facebook
• themoviedb.org
• & Many more to follow...

★ TapDeck let´s you discover together.
• Connect with your friends and build a follower base of likeminded people.
• Drop content to your friends and they will find it immediately on their home screen.
• Retap content to share it with all your followers.
• Share content to your favorite platforms (facebook, whatsapp, etc...).

• 1000’s of beautiful HD wallpapers with more added everyday.
• A double tap for a fresh wallpaper!
• A world of interesting and relevant entertainment.
• More content sources added frequently.
• Discover together with your follower base.
• Save your favorites.
• Gesture customization
• Wallpaper positioning

TapDeck works brilliantly with most launchers, here are some we like:
•  Google Now Launcher
•  Nova Launcher
•  Action Launcher (including Quickthemes)
•  CM Launcher
•  Everything Me Launcher

Anyway, some launchers do not (fully) support live wallpapers or use conflicting gestures. We have built solutions for each of these launchers. In case you are using one of the following launchers please check the help ticket to find a description how to make TapDeck work:
•  GoLauncher EX - help: http://goo.gl/sbwqt9
•  Apus Launcher - help: http://goo.gl/VeRIkA
•  Sony Xperia Launcher - help: http://goo.gl/c33IW1
•  TouchWiz Launcher (newer than 5.0) - help: http://goo.gl/ZuA3kp
•  Solo Launcher - help: http://goo.gl/yHeCAU
•  Zero Launcher - help: http://goo.gl/5ysseN
•  Smart Launcher - help: http://goo.gl/WwqGog
•  Dodol - help: http://goo.gl/V1h1f6
•  Hola Launcher - help: http://goo.gl/i8R9w2
•  Apex Launcher - help: http://goo.gl/6KWUnR
•  Aviate - help: http://goo.gl/2um8Pu
•  Cheetah Launcher - help: http://goo.gl/HA8No0
•  Next Launcher 3D - help: http://goo.gl/W6oMp2
•  Z Launcher - help: http://goo.gl/mf1dAW

We are not supported by:
•  Buzz launcher
•  Homee Launcher

To find out more about launcher compatibility and any other issues head to the FAQ: help.tapdeck.io

TapDeck makes use of permissions to deliver the best wallpapers & content to your device. If you'd like to know what permissions we use and why, have a look here: http://goo.gl/vWyrB9

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