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A giant lavalanche has demolished the entire village. You have one last chance to make this right!Don't let the golden blocks fall into the lava. Fail

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SvsM 2.4

Evil Mushroom corps is trying to invade a peaceful slime village. All slimes in the village gang up against the enemies. Let’s fight and defeat the en

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FireBusters 1.1.0

*** OUR HEROS! PLEASE HELP THE FIREFIGHTERS! Fire Busters is a game which the animal firefighters extinguish a fire in the village. It's a compelling

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A dark storm is coming and wiping away all life on Exonus.You must run to survive… you must continue to exist!Exonus is a level based puzzle game wher

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Evolution: Battle for Utopia is a multi-element strategy game that combines shooting, operations, various types of real-time strategy.You can only liv

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Steampunk 1.4.0

Tower defense on the rise!Take charge of the immense Steampunk Tower and help the eccentric Lord Bingham protect his precious Etherium Mine.As the Imp

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Nintaii 1.0.16

Nintaii is an award winning, brain twisting puzzle game of rolling blocks and switches! Roll the block through the twisting maze dropping it into the

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Train Crisis 2.8.0

***** NOW 7 COMPLETE ERAS INCLUDED! ********** This full version is 100% ads free and has unlimited tries for levels. *****Would you like to travel th

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Amazing Flow 1.3.2

Amazing Flow is a fun and addictive puzzle game.STORY: Bob is a talented boy who loves to make funny puzzles with bulbs. In the laboratory, producing

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Rune Raiders 1.0.8

Move your guys, then watch them COME ALIVE AND FIGHT!Rune Raiders a simple adventure game that takes SECONDS TO LEARN, but provides hilarious action f

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MiniIniMo 1.0.12

Mini Ini Mo is a game for everyone, it tells the story of three characters, Mini, Ini and Mo, each one of them has special abilities and limitations,

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Micron 1.34

Micron is a game with a unique blend of puzzle and rhythm gameplay. Place pieces on the board to deflect bullets of energy that fire to the beat. Guid

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MovieCat 1.2

MovieCat is a movie trivia game that stands apart from the rest! Test your trivia knowledge with a variety of text questions, as well as visual puzzle

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**** WINNER OF THE POCKET GAMER GOLD AWARD ****A self-appointed mayor is spinning the town of Twisty Hollow out of order with nonsensical rulings. His

206 35.86 MB
Memory Cat 1.2.2

Memory Game is an engrossing educational game for people of any age. It is good for development of visual memory, attention focusing and motion skills

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Cryptica 1.8

These mysterious crypts were created thousands of years ago to protect the temple relics, Only the wisest were meant to solve these riddles and revea

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Boxed In 1.2

Boxed In is a puzzle game in which you guide a robot through each level. The challenge comes from boxes obstructing your path. You can't pull boxes on

276 2.41 MB

Classic Minesweeper game for your Android (also known as Mines). Exercise your strategic and logical thinking while having fun along the way! The goal

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99 Bricks 2.5.0

99 Bricks Wizard Academy is a fun and magical physics builder. Can you build the highest tower?WELCOME TO WIZARD ACADEMYExplore a magical world and le

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Gemcrafter 1.4.0

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but they may help you find a treasure! Featuring all-new puzzle gameplay: move gems around the game field to m

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