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Little time killer ;) Simple but addictive game where your goal is to jump over moving box. Challenge yourself - how long you can survive?Collect powe

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Balloon Gentleman FREE is a unique, fun and challenging 2D physics puzzle-platformer adventure. Game features:★ 41 levels and with over 100 challenges

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One boy. One girl. Two things in common: they are both trapped in their personal hells, and they want to get out."You. Me. Hell." is a classic crazy p

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Crazy Labyrinth 3D is not your ordinary labyrinth for a ball, this is something truly hardcore and crazy. Remarkable and well designed levels, interes

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Dot Runner 1.1.0

Dot Runner is a solo and multiplayer game.Messages you write become hurdles for the hero Dot.Play with this tiny ball of fur, and defy your friends by

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Infectonator 1.6.2

Tired of killing zombies? How about turning people into zombies instead! "Best Game of the Year 2012" - Armor Games "Carnage Was Never So Cute" -

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Tower UP 1.07

Build your highest tower up in the sky and higher. The tiny tower residents are part of your work, they are happy if the tower is rising through the c

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Munch Time 1.23

“Munch Time is another heart meltingly cute game” - Touch Arcade“This will undoubtedly keep us occupied for quite some time” - Trap Magazine"Munch Tim

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aJY 1.9.2

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"Wonderful Gem Kind Game Addict You for Whole Day –"Too many match-gem games on Android? Diamond Wonderland HD definitely deserve one plac

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GIVE IT UP is a rather hard game where you have to assist this cheerful, singing Blob in jumping through 9 different tracks.So far it sounds easy.You

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Plant Nanny

We heard loud and clear! The Best App of 2013 in App Store finally come to Google Play!It's an amazing app to help over 3,000,000 people drink water r

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Blockie 1.0.3

Knock the flying blocks down!!Blockie is a really fun game appropriate for all ages and very easy to learn.It is so perfect to play a quick game or to

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UPDATE 31st August: A change in gameplay to enhance your game-playing experience! Introducing: "Where's My Cat? 2". Now you can navigate through numer

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TD Bird 1.0

Ninja Birds successfully attacked the Zombies’ homeland in the previous game “Assassin Ninja Chicken”. They killed a few zombies, but the Zombie Kin

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HurryJump 1.2

Jump Jump Jump ! Jump, Jump, Jump! Trapped in an infernal machine, Blobby must find a way to escape. Equip him with lots of different items and

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★★★ We are giving away Fairy Treasure for FREE! Grab it now and save US$1.99! Tell all your friends to grab it too! ★★★ Gorgeous original brick-bustin

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A two-player game on a single device! It's like tug of war ... but with a table! Yes, dumb! Totally free! No Ads! No IAPs! ✓ Super simple fun for

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