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5/5 Stars - - “ Ranch Rush 2 is a perfect example of a time management game done right”.8/10 Stars - Tapscape – “Ranch Rush 2 will keep y

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Jump into the most hilariously addictive game ever with all-new Doodle Jump SpongeBob!The diabolical Plankton and his jailhouse crew have stolen the K

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Star Acres 2.0.1

An educational game that both adults and children can enjoy from Kuma the Bear.Meow Meow Star Acres is an island simulation game that can be played by

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Worms 0.0.95

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TinyFarm 2.02.00

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アルパカ2 1.0.17

The prequel to “Alpaca Evolution,” the hit app with over 5 million downloads, has finally arrived!This is the origin story…A tale that takes place lo

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Bubble Story 1.1.3

From the creators of Ezjoy's hit game Bubble Bird Rescue comes an all-new bubble puzzle-adventure, Bubble Story! Aim, fire and pop your way through th

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Shaolin 1.1

Balance your way to glory! Can you become the next Shaolin master?! With awesome 2D pixel environments, you’ll balance our hero in the world’s harshes

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Snappy 1.0

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Welcome to Shadow Town. There are beaches, but you should not go near the water. There are woods, but those who enter them never return. And there's a

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--Kairo News: "Venture Towns" released-- Ever wanted to run your own clothing store? Now you can! Let your inner fashionista flower as you cultivat

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European 1.0.0

Become a famous detective called to Paris to investigate a slew of mysterious murders. Young women are vanishing and their bodies are then found dried

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Everything goes BOOM! in Explodey BAM!(Except for explosive stuff. That stuff just goes poof.)

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Enigmatis 1.1

Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek Collector's EditionFind and rescue a kidnapped teenage girl, and then save yourself, in Engimatis: The Ghosts of

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Berzerk Ball 2 is the most unique baseball game you'll ever play! Smash the geek (the ball) with your steroid infused teammates and chase him through

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Ad free Version of Train Sim Train Sim is a 3D Train Simulator that allows you to control a train as it goes around a track. Current version has 8 Sc

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Monster thugs are on the loose harassing the inhabitants of the colorful world of Monster Island. Now, it's up to you and your arsenal of mini-monster

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Om nom nom! In Ice Cream Nomsters you have to deliver as much ice cream to as many monster houses as you can before time runs out! Try to keep up with

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--Kairo News: "Venture Towns" released-- School got you down? Wish you could change a few things? Well, now's your chance to create the ultimate drea

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