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cloudLibrary tiempo de actualización 4.1.14

The cloudLibrary allows you to borrow and read eBooks and eAudiobooks from your local public library for free. Your library needs to subscribe to the

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Radish — Fiction Serials tiempo de actualización 2.1.1

Radish gives you early access to the latest web fiction serials from top writers! See the latest chapter now for a low-priced one-click payment, or wa

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Word Book English to Bengali tiempo de actualización 4.3

This English to bengali or bangla word book with sound help you very to learn English.This word book also help to learn English to Bangla Translation

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Quran Urdu tiempo de actualización 2.6.30

This application is Digital Quran / Koran with Urdu translation, arabic style with IndoPak and Utsmani, and audio mp3 murattal full Quran 114 surah or

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SAOL tiempo de actualización

Denna ordboksapp speglar innehållet i den 14:e upplagan av Svenska Akademiens ordlista (SAOL 14) från 2015. Ordlistan bygger på den lexikaliska databa

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Quran Hindi (हिन्दी कुरान) - Read the Quran in Hindi (हिन्दी कुरान). - (NEW) Color tajweed to help the reading and reciting of the Holy Quran! (only f

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Oxford Areal tiempo de actualización 2.4.7

Oxford Areal is an augmented reality app which brings the power of visual search in your hands via an easy-to-use interface. 1. Download the Oxford Ar

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Quran English tiempo de actualización 2.6.30

Digital Quran / Koran with English translation, which has a word by word translation in English and audio mp3 murattal full Quran 114 Surah or 30 Juz

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Libby, by OverDrive tiempo de actualización 1.7.0

Meet Libby. Discover ebooks and audiobooks from your local library. Brought to you by OverDrive. Did you know your local library has thousands of eboo

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Al Quran Indonesia tiempo de actualización 2.6.30

Semua Fitur Gratis Tanpa Pembatasan Al Quran digital dengan terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia dan audio mp3 murottal full, 114 surah atau 30 juz tanpa pemba

16.68 MB
Al Quran Melayu tiempo de actualización 2.6.30

Aplikasi ini adalah Al Quran terjemahan Bahasa Melayu (Malaysia) dengan audio mp3 murottal full 114 surah atau 30 juz tanpa sekatan. Dan gambaran anta

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Quotes Book tiempo de actualización 6.7

Quotes Book is a collection of quotes that belongs to various familiar personalities. All that you need to express or send that you feel about the quo

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Wattpad Beta tiempo de actualización

This is a Beta version of Wattpad! That means this version gives you early access to new and experimental features we're trying out. However, since th

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読書尚友 Free (青空文庫ビューア) tiempo de actualización 1.59.1

読書尚友Freeは日本語縦書き・電子書籍ビューアです。青空文庫で公開されている一万冊以上の作品を快適に読書できます。  ※広告の表示されない有償版『読書尚友』を公開しています。 ・テキスト、html、zip(書庫内のテキストファイルを表示)に対応 ・ePub3簡易対応 ・文字コード自動判定(Shif

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Hindi to English Dictionary !! tiempo de actualización 1.6

Hindi to English Dictionary Free: Completely Offine & FREE app containing both English - Hindi and Hindi - English Dictionary in the smallest app size

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NIV Bible by Olive Tree tiempo de actualización

This is more than your ordinary Bible app. Not only can you read the NIV Bible offline FOR FREE, but you can also access over 100 free books and readi

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English Hindi Dictionary tiempo de actualización bayern

Hindi English Dictionary offline and free. You can search both English and Hindi words. You can search words directly from "Internet Browser" or othe

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예스24 eBook - YES24 eBook tiempo de actualización 2.7.6

로그인 전 6권의 무료책을 먼저 체험할 수 있을뿐 아니라 베스트셀러와 매일 업데이트되는 신간, 그리고 인기 로맨스, 판무, 만화까지 예스이십사 서점에서 구매한 모든 책을 앱에서 읽으세요! 1.독서를 위한 최고의 환경 - 글자크기, 글꼴, 줄간격, 여백, 문단 간격 등

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Reverso Translation Dictionary tiempo de actualización 8.4.0

The best way to translate and learn millions of words and expressions. Contains a huge database of real-life examples and a powerful linguistic search

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Free Books - Spirit Fanfiction and Stories tiempo de actualización 2.0.144

In Spirit Fanfictions and Stories you can find, read and fall in love with thousands of books (Original Stories and Fanfiction) FOR FREE. The Spirit F

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