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* Maintain settings profiles * Manually activate profile permanently or temporarily * Multiple profile capable * Automatically activate profiles ba

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产品说明: 这是一款老年人智能手机专用的桌面,他可以适配安装到任何安卓手机上,从而把这款手机摇身一变成为老年人专用机。产品特点: 超级简单:所有操作一个手势:上下滑屏,最为简单的手机桌面。 特大显示:大字体、大图标,无论短信、通讯录一律超大。 自由定制:可按自己意愿,将任何联系人或应用直接放

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Darkonis 1.7

Darkonis: A dark set of high quality icons.What's included:★ 2.500 + HD icons (256x256)★ 37 matching HD cloud wallpapers★ Launchers support: Action, A

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WireFrame 2.1.0

Wire frame icon pack give your phone stunning look, Each precious icon look like 3D printer output. laser line sharp crispy bright icons for you. plea

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MAIN FEATURES:• 1750++ Custom Icons• 4000++ Activities• High Quality Icons• Multi Launcher Supports• HD Icon 192x192 px, 450dpi• 20++ HD Cloud Wallpap

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Picoo Launcher is the fastest, smallest and most power-saving phone launcher created with Google Material Design on the market. It is much faster than

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DarkMTRL CM12 is a dark theme developed for the Theme Engine from CyanogenMod CM12.It is based on the original concept by the author when Android 5.0

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What to style your phone? Let's try Phanatxy!The most fantasy scenarios and foreground effect are on your cell phone now!Phantaxy provides several sce

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This theme is for custom CM12 / 12.1 based ROM with the new Theme Chooser Engine Please make sure you are running the latest version of your ROM to av

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TouchPal Stock

TouchPal Emoji Keyboard - Stock is a stock version for TouchPal Emoji Keyboard. It’s a free emoji keyboard app for Android users to type fast and easy

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*********************************************************** Special Price: 0.79€ instead of 0.99€ **************************************************

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This app provides the following function buttons: - Back (Android 4.1+) - Home - Recent Apps (Android 4.0+) - NotificationsThe setting items of button

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L-Ready Dark 1.8.2

*Read this first please:**Problem installing? Uninstall, apply stock Holo theme, reboot, install again!**The Recent's Card Panel is a feature in Paran

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curvo. 0.6

Here I present my newest creation, curvo. (BETA)This iconset was made to be circular shaped, but with a bit of out-of-the-grid craft. Alongside a colo

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Wallgram 1.1.5

Discover excellent wallpapers with Wallgram.We are hand picking Tumblr's most beautiful and high-definition images for you. And you can save them, mak

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Rad Pack Pro 1.2.1

Rad Pack is a theme that turns your phone or tablet into a gnarly retro 80's device with rad chrome and neon icons and seriously choice 80's themed wa

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Diddly 10.3

1590+ Icons Diddly is a full theme / icon pack for various launchers. These icons are designed to have a hand sketch kiddish look and are very colo

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PureEarth 1.12

PureEarth Wallpapers. Wonderful wallpapers from our planet

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This application is able to place widgets on the desktop dial input.This is a very easy application can now call made smooth input.Once you enter thei

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Kill Mouse use sound,Kill Mice

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