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短信夹 1.2.8


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动画学院 1.0.5

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Locker 1.1.0

Concerned about losing your phone and worried someone might figure out your unlock code and access your personal information? Locker is here to keep

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This application lets you experience putting on and taking off a sock. You can choose from wide variety of socks from short crew sock to thigh high so

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Super Boost 1.0.2

Super Boost can boost your phone by clean unnecessary background apps.What this app does is to terminate unwanted processor usage, boosting up your ph

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终于可以屏蔽百度的商业推广了!浏览器其实都大同小异 还有个兄弟,左手浏览器如果你习惯用左手,请下载左手浏览器除开大家都有的功能这个浏览器还可以专门去掉百度搜索结果中的商业推广方便知友,搜索时直接集成了知乎的搜索提示避免被骗没有乱七八糟的推送没有所谓的头条一个简单快速的工具 希望大家喜欢

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SearchBar Ex 1.6.1

Features• Add and edit search engines• Swipe up (or long press) the home button to launch the SearchBar• Simple Search Widget• Notification Launcher•

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翻片 3.3.2

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云皮儿 0.5.2

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AB Screen Recorder helps you to record your phone screen.Become a beta tester to get early access to upcoming features. To opt-in please go to:https:/

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简洁记账 4.3.2

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HTC Sense Input 7.10.816771

HTC Sense Input speeds up your typing and reduces accidental errors. It learns from your input and selections and offers you more precise word candida

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Alarm 2.2.0

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MarkAsRead 1.21

MarkAsRead allows you to mark a Gmail e-mail as read directly from the notification no root required . It works by intercepting and cloning the noti

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云南移动 5.0.4

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山笔记 2.0.6

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