Stellar Invictus - Space Sandbox MMO 0.2.0 [free]


Ever wished you had a Space Sandbox MMO on the go? Are you a fan of more text-oriented MMORPGs?
This is an attempt to create a space sandbox MMO like EVE Online™ or Elite Dangerous™ to be played on the phone or on your browser. It features a lot of things like
Exploration, PvP, PvE, Trading, Mining, Corporations, Crafting, etc..
Stellar Invictus is also 100% community-driven. Every player can suggest changes or new ideas in the forum and the community can vote on it. Decide on the game's future
right from the beginning!
We have a very active community of players with active chats, including a chat for new players. Updates to the game are made just about daily as well. Many players
consider this game a more text-based MMORPG.
This game is 100% free, ad-free and 100% community driven.
Game is playable on other platforms via

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  • Nombre del software: Stellar Invictus - Space Sandbox MMO
  • Software Categoría: Herramientas
  • Código App: com.BlackEarthInc.SI
  • Versión lastest: 0.2.0
  • requisito: 4.2 o superior
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  • tiempo de actualización: 2019-02-11