Combo Master for PAD 4.9.1 [free]


This tool is a simulator for Puzzle and Dragons, you can practice and then pass the stage easily by using ComboMaster
There are two mode in this tool
Training Mode - you can play continuously to master your skill
Single Drop Mode - you can setup the game board and practice it again and again
PAD Calculator - you can setup your team and use them to practice, after that, calculator will help you to calculate total damage.
current version is v0.8, I will add more function in the future(such as path finding... etc)
if you have any suggestions please feel free to contact me, thanks :)

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  • Nombre del software: Combo Master for PAD
  • Software Categoría: Herramientas
  • Código App: com.a30corner.combomaster
  • Versión lastest: 4.9.1
  • requisito: 4.0.3 o superior
  • Tamaño del archivo : 8.49 MB
  • tiempo de actualización: 2019-12-09