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Would you like to see and hear (ILLUSTRATED VIDEO) the daily text examining the scriptures daily?
A biblical thought on the part of our loving Heavenly Father based on our Examining the Scriptures Daily edited by the Jehovah's Witnesses. Application to enjoy it in
1.- JW daily text 2018 in video: daily text 2018 Spanish and English: Every day we can enjoy listening to the daily text while complementing it with video. JW daily text
2018 The daily text corresponding to the daily publication of the Examining the scriptures daily. JW daily text 2018. Daily Text 2018
2.- We have updated so that you can enjoy in English Language. Daily Text 2018
3.- We have updated so that you can enjoy in Portuguese Language. Daily text
4.- JW.ORG: Access directly to the official site and download biblical content for free.
5.- SEEK HALL OF THE KINGDOM: Here you can find out where the Kingdom Hall is closest to your location, name of the congregation, timetables and how to get there.
6.- VIDEO JW MUSIC: The songs of the broadcasting are presented in any language, especially in ENGLISH. Daily Text 2018
7.- VIDEO JW MUSIC: Broadcasting songs are presented in any language, especially in SPANISH.
8.- Broadcasting in all languages, it is a link to the site tv.jw.org
9.- JW Online Library: Access the online library of JW where you will consult the topics of weekly meetings as the daily text.
I hope you enjoy it a lot ... we will continue updating to improve its features.
Daily text in Videos you will love, use it daily. JW Broadcasting in Spanish.
Broadcasting in Spanish is very useful to have everything here in direct format. JW Broadcasting has varied programming. broadcasting spanish jw. daily text 2018 Spanish.
Jehovah Daily Text 2018. Daily text

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