HelpMeFocus - Block Distractions, Stay Focused. 3.1.3 [free]


HelpMeFocus - Block Distractions, Stay Focused is a distraction blocker self control app that helps you stay focused by enabling app block. With this timeful app, you can
• Reduce Distractions and Stay Focused during study time, work time or your productive time.
• App block leads to increased productivity by staying away from distractions and being focused.
• Block Whatsapp, block Facebook, block Instagram, block Netflix, block Youtube or block any social media apps and stop procrastinating during productive time.
• Increase self-control and overcome smartphone addiction and stay focused.
• Limit app usage and stay focused by restricting yourself to use the locked app only for few minutes.How to use:
• Create a scheduled profile to enable app block and block notifications on selected days and time frame.
• Block apps instantly by choosing the distracting apps and setting the timer count.
• Enable/disable the app blocker profiles based on requirement.
• Enable SuperStrictMode feature in the app block settings to prevent HelpMeFocus uninstallation.Features:
• Best App Block- Set motivating quotes to inspire you every time you try to access a blocked app
• Focus lock - Helps you stay focused by restricting app usage every time you get distracted
• Offtime - Block distracting apps for selected period of time
• Clear Lock - Security password restricts you and others from making modifications to app block profiles
• Notification blocker - Mute notifications from distracting apps and stay focused.
• Notification history - Check muted notifications without having the need to open the locked apps.
• Instantly block apps - Select distracting apps and lock apps instantly for a period of time (up to 60 mins).
• Duplicate app profiles - Duplicate an existing app block profile and modify it as per your self-control needs.
• Block the app blocker - Block HelpMeFocus application by choosing it in the application list to be blocked to enforce self-control and avoid profile/settings
• Study helper app - Block all unnecessary distracting apps and notifications and concentrate on studies better.Premium Features :
• Super Strict Mode to prevent app uninstallation and modifying active app block profile.
• Instant Block Pro to block distracting apps instantly for up to 12 Hours.
• Smart Unblock Pro lets you use a blocked app for a brief period of time - 5 mins,10 mins and then restricts you from using the app.
• Uninstall Prevention to stop you from HelpMeFocus app uninstallation when you're desperate to use blocked apps.Permissions needed
• Usage Access Permission- Required to identify foreground applications and restrict it from usage based on app block profiles.
• Notification Access Permission - Required to mute notifications based on app block profile settings.
• Device Administrator permission - Required to enable Super Strict mode and prevent HelpMeFocus app uninstallation.
Please be assured that HelpMeFocus - Block Distractions, Stay Focused will never use these permissions to access your private data.IMPORTANT NOTE FOR HUAWEI/XIAOMI USERS Huawei and Xiaomi devices have task killer services that interfere with this app. To ensure it works properly you need to add
this app to the allowed apps in security settings.Huawei: Phone Manager App > Protected Apps > Add HelpMeFocus to the list.Xiaomi: Services > Security > Permissions > Autostart, find HelpMeFocus and enable autostart.
In case of concerns with the app blocker, please provide feedback to - [email protected] We will
be more than happy to help you out.

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