Fraction calculator with solution for free 2.7 [free]


Math calculator with fractions, decimals, percentages, and parentheses that shows step by step detailed solution.
Need to resolve simple or complex fraction problems, convert fractions into decimals? - this app will do it and will show how it was done.Best fractions math calculator for school and woodworkers.Some features of this fraction calculator application
* Supports combining decimal and fractional numbers. Automatically reduces fraction problem result to its simplest form. (Hint: to reduce a fraction to its simplest form
just enter it and press "=", and it will be automatically reduced)
* Converts fractions to decimals. and decimals to fractions. Calculated result is displayed using fractions. Equivalent value in decimals is
also available.
* Shows detailed solution step by step for fraction problems.
* Keeps a history of previous calculations.
* Besides basic math operations such as: add, subtract, multiply and divide, fraction calculator allows calculating percentages for fractions.
We've made this fraction calculator app available in different colors for you!
Fraction Calculator Free
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