Car Stunt Challenge 2018 1.1 [free]


Car Stunt Challenge 2018 is exciting, addictive racing challenging to perform amazing stunts with a stunt car! Enjoy the stunt car games and win the challenges in stunt
tracks with your awesome stunt car! Stunt driving car simulator has smooth controls eye-catching graphics with realistic vehicle physics and challenging gameplay.
Stunt car extreme racing allows you to feel like you are driving a real car! Get ready to become a stunt car racer show off your extreme car stunt skill in this car
driving game and face some different and interesting challenges.
Enjoy extreme racing stunts cars driving with ultimate motorcar stunts in the blue sky. Car Stunt Challenge 2018 is speed stunt car driving game with full thrill
adventure. Perform impossible unbelievable stunts car driving fun on risky dangerous curvy tracks.
Become a legend car stunt racer to drive the extreme fast racing car on tricky impossible tracks by using your fun and skills. Stunt car games on impossible tracks to show
off incredible mid-air flips on tricky ramps, accelerate through deadly sky highway tracks no traffic and no need any fuel.
Get ready to perform crazy stunts, tighten your seatbelt and enjoy loads of grand vehicles while climb up the massive heights but try not fall down on the city otherwise
you will lose. Impossible stunt car racing 3d game gives you the desired sensation of driving the stunt sports car on mid-air tricky tracks and feel like a real-life
Car Stunt Challenge 2018 gives you unique driving experience on impossible tracks by performing crazy stunts on ramps with super muscle cars. Pick the favorite car among
multiple super Grand luxuries cars with super suspension and realistic breaking physics.
Impossible tracks 3d stunt car is the top free game or trending game in the world is offroad driving to drive fast on midair curvy terrain and prove that you are an
ultimate stunt driver for all impossible car stunt games.
Play as a winner of this tricky car stunt driving game and the task in this highly addictive stunt driving mania is that you have to drive your fast speed sports car on
the crazy jumping track by collecting checkpoints and speed boosters.
Car Stunt Challenge 2018 is amazing stunt 3d car racing on the crazy impossible tracks will be very risky you have to drive the car very carefully to avoid any kind of
impossible tracks accident.
Game Play:
Use steer buttons to turn left/right
Tap accelerator and reverse to move forward/reverse
Tap camera to change the view
Tap brake to stop
Press steer button to change steering tilt/steering wheel/buttons
Clear the level and get cash
Upgrade or buy the new car
Use nitrous to speed up
Tap refresh button to restart the mission
Features of Car Stunt Challenge 2018:
Realistic Car physics
Upgrade your car to perform even better!
Real Traffic cars system!
Many Cars to drive!
Realistic damage!
Tilting, buttons and steering wheel controls!
Loads of fun and challenging tracks with jumps and obstacles!
Smooth and realistic stunt car controls to have strong grip while racing
Realistic open-air amazing 3D environment
High-quality sounds
Narrow ramps and extreme hurdles to cross
Next generation ultra HD and 3d graphics
Absolutely free to download and enjoy 3D Stunt Car Challenge

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