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★★★ Explore the outdoors type SNG happy player ★★★direct exploration and acquisition of farm management andexplore collected from the ruins collecting artifacts anda new concept SNG happy play!the game also happy point is automatically earned!!!!!☆★more event winners announcement★☆document this event you Recruit is the Google of Facebookpage.(https://www.facebook.com/FuniglooGame)※★ winner required check ★※* receipt of goods on the market separately to make your below is the request that all of the information!! Delivery only available!!* goods 8 6 received the contents only will be shipped.▶ Google Play winner how to - (E-mail) : [email protected]/* */ the - info : 1) The Happy app to download for Gmail account and the account name :example) Gmail account: [email protected]/* */ the // user name: John DOE (comment registration that are exposed to the name)2) happy play login E-mail :3) happy-play the game my nickname :4) cell phone number :========================================☆☆ event ☆☆continue to this happy event~!cooking and new clothes!!happy player in the game patbingsu if you create a cool swimsuit!!!!his farm in the kitchen patbingsu when you create a swimsuit 100% paymentthe event for you [email protected]/* */ 으로. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ★☆ beautiful landscape ☆★happy play that fairytale-like scenery as you go. the cute images likes women and likes adventure men only until such as you can enjoy the landscape show is scheduled.★☆collect the desire is soaring items☆★happy to play on the adventure and those related to special items and animals can get. the other SNG games unlike the adventure can be acquired with the exclusive items or buildings in your inventory to put in his farm in free home, has the advantage until you are happy to play!!!!◆first is to play the customer service center operating hoursMonday to Friday (weekends/holidays excluded) 9:30am ~ 6:00pm (※ The time since the statement of the case of our sequence as a guide.)---- Thecontact the developer :02-2108-6247Seoul city: Guro 3-Dong 222-3

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