Gig Board SE 1.0.3 [free]


"Gig Board" is a guitar pedal effector board.
**Important: To connect this app with a guitar, you need "4-pole 3.5mm headset cable".
- 4-pole 3.5mm adapter has two kinds of standards : CTIA / OMTP
(Please refer to the illustrations above.)
- You have to find out what standard your device is.
(Most Android phones use CTIA.)
- If you unplug headset cable, app is totally muted.
- At first launch, it may not sound or has latency, so please relaunch the app several times, or unplug the cable and re-flip it.
Guitar effectors
- Noise gate
- Compressor
- Equalizer
- Auto wah
- Clean boost
- Overdrive
- Distortion
- Fuzz
- Amplifier
- Phaser
- Flanger
- Chorus
- Vibrator
- Delay
- Reverb
- Cabinet

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