Dual iPlug P1 Smart App Remote 1.2.2 [free]


This app is compatible with the following Dual models: XDVD269BT/XDVD179BT/XVM279BT/DM720/DM620N/XVM700Ui/XDVD251BT/XVM1000Ui/DM70MIR
The iPlug P1 app connects to compatible Dual receivers via Bluetooth like a wireless remote control
The app allows for control of most primary functions including:
* Power On/Off
* Volume Up/Down
* Mode Change - Radio, USB, Bluetooth and AUX input, Disc (Option)
* Seek Up/Down
* Play/Pause and Stop
* Mute
* Radio Presets 1-6
* Band (FM1, FM2, FM3, AM1, and AM2)
* Voice Activation Button for instant access to your Google Assistant.
* Loudness

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  • Nombre del software: Dual iPlug P1 Smart App Remote
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  • Código App: com.namsung.dualiplugp1
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