Isolated - Horror VR Game 1.0 [paid]


10th September 1976 - Last evening I received a call from Jacob about strange activities being reported by people around the abandoned Oak Valley Asylum in England.
I have heard about this place before from my seniors at the Paranormal Research facility, but did not pay much attention to it. It's not like Jacob to call over small
incidents, so it must be something serious.
I spoke to Elizabeth about Jacob asking us to take a trip to England to do our research in this place, and she is excited about it. I on the other hand am not too keen on
this idea. There is something in my mind that is stopping me. One would say that after years researching the paranormal and chasing ghosts that I would not be afraid, but
there are certain places where the pain is so much that power of the negative energies consumes everything around it.
I did some research about this abandoned hospital and found out that this place was shut down abruptly at the start of 1967. There are rumors about many deaths and
ill-treatment of the patients in this asylum in many reports, but the one thing that stands out is the story of two sisters which died horrifying deaths.
Should this trip be taken?
JohnAbout the Game
Isolated is a Virtual Reality Horror Game. Your trip to the haunted Oak Valley Asylum and your experience moving through the 360 degree horror environment. Isolated is
made with attention to detail and to give the players a truly exciting VR Horror experience. Our trial audience calls it one of the best VR horror games they have
played.Game Play Time
This game usually takes 45 minutes to 1 Hour to complete depending on the user. If you are really scared, then probably a lot more.Requirements
Minimum Requirements
*Game Require CPU : Quad Core
*CPU Speed : 1.5Ghz
*RAM : 2GB
*OS : Android 5.0
*Video Card : Adreno 330
*Disk Space : 256 MB
VR Device with Touch button OR Bluetooth Remote ControlFrom the Developers
We welcome you to this horror house and hope you enjoy your experience. This game is made for entertainment purposes, but could be stressful to some people. If at any time
you feel uncomfortable, PLEASE STOP. Do not give this to elderly people or expecting mothers or anyone who is easily scared or has any medical issues.

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