Tawasal Messenger 1.8.8 [free]


With Tawasal you can make high-definition video and audio calls and share photos, documents, voice messages, and more with friends and family. Tawasal
Messenger provides a stable connection and perfectly works in 2G, 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi.
Key features:
FREE HD AUDIO AND VIDEO CALLS: Tawasal allows you to keep your friends and family closer, even if they are overseas. Tawasal will not charge you for HD calls. Always stay
in touch!
CHATS: You can send messages to your friends with unrivalled speed! Forward them, quote them, and edit them if you suddenly make a mistake.
GROUPS: Manage communities or communicate with your friends and family. Tawasal supports up to 1,000 participants in one group.
CHANNELS: Broadcast the latest news. Reading and exploring the news has never been easier! Tawasal supports up to 1,000 participants on one channel.
DISCOVER: Explore the world of services within the Tawasal app, including soccer stats, news, services, and much more.
SECURE: Always keep your information secure and private. All messages in Tawasal chats, groups and channels are 100% encrypted with military-grade AES encryption.
SYNCED ACROSS PLATFORMS: Tawasal allows you to stay in touch no matter what device you are using. Sign in from an unlimited number of devices and continue your
communication on the go.
FILES: Keep your files safe in Tawasal Cloud Storage at all times. Tawasal allows you to share any files. For example, you can send a document at work or tell a joke with
an audio message.
FUN: Tawasal provides you powerful video and photo editing capabilities along with a platform for stickers. Create your own stickers and upload them to Tawasal.
MULTIPLE ACCOUNT SUPPORT: You can sign in to multiple Tawasal accounts at once. Keep your home and work accounts active inside the same application.
TOTALLY FREE: There are no subscription fees or any other hidden fees for using Tawasal.
NO ADS: Tawasal will not bother you with annoying, irrelevant ADS and POPUPS.
SELF DISTRACT CONTENT: Don’t be shy. Share videos and photos with your friends and family and be assured that they will self-destruct.
NO FORWARDING RESTRICTIONS: You will not be limited to sharing exciting media content with only a few of your contacts. Tell all the world the latest news.
TAWASAL BOT API: Tawasal Bots are full-fledged applications that run inside Tawasal. With Bot API everyone can create a powerful business instrument, game or other
customizable services. Applications, the field of usage and capabilities of bots are limited only by the imagination of their authors.
TAWASAL DESKTOP: Share messages, files, and media from your desktop computer.

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