School Life Simulator 0.5.76 [free]


■ Overview
You can be a student of the school and enjoy the school life
You can talk, have conversations, give presents, and take pictures.
Be aware that police will be called if you take dangerous actions
At the game center you can enjoy UFO catcher and Selfie.
At the shop you can purchase gifts avatar and food
In the cooking room you can make food
Food can let other characters eat
Please enjoy a good school life

■ Normal operation
[Left stick] Move
[Right stick] Change viewpoint
[B Button] Attack
[X Button] Jump
[A button] action
[Y button] Talk
[Photo button] Camera mode
(You can not speak when the character is talking to class people or other people)

■ Future update schedule contents
· Frame rate optimization
· Crash response
· Add weapons
· Character schedule events
· Friendship with NPC
· Add objects to the city
· Add avatar
· Add language
Materials are borrowed from the following site

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