Forest Solitaire match 1.11.16 [free]


forest solitaire match is a free card matching game. Match cards that with the same value to clear the game decks. Achieve the highest score by removing all the cards from
the pyramid, this requires your strategy and patient. In forest solitaire match, you can simply remove similar cards, Also you can make color matches, even suit matches to
game a higher score. This pyramid type game is your perfect choice for playing relaxing solitaire. Have a try right now, You will love this perfect game. Forest Solitaire
match is an entirely new type game. More than 100 unique layouts with hidden nice bonuses. The cards are designed colorful and use 3d technology. Play forest solitaire, no
hurry, no rush, just enjoying.
- Totally new way of play
- 3D card and effects
- Landscape
- Step-by-step tutorial
- Subtle sound effects

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  • Nombre del software: Forest Solitaire match
  • Software Categoría: Juegos de cartas y casino
  • Código App: lll.forest.solitaire.match
  • Versión lastest: 1.11.16
  • requisito: 4.1 o superior
  • Tamaño del archivo : 20.08 MB
  • tiempo de actualización: 2020-04-10