RTM Mobile 2.0.22 [free]


RTM Mobile is now available everywhere! You can now watch and listen to RTM TV and Radio everywhere, on tablet and smart phone. All you need is a WiFi, 3G/4G or LTE
connection to enjoy the content.
Key features:
1. Live TV Streaming - Watch your favourite programs on the move from TV1, TV2, TVi, Muzik Aktif and RTM Parlimen.
2. Live Radio Streaming - NASIONALfm, Radio Klasik, MINNALfm, Ai FM, TraxxFM, KLfm, AsyikFM, Vfm, WaiFM and MuzikFM.
3. TV Guide - Keep you in mind, where you can put a reminder on your phone calendar .
4. RTM info notifications.

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  • Nombre del software: RTM Mobile
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  • Código App: my.gov.rtm.mobile
  • Versión lastest: 2.0.22
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