VoiceClock -KAITO- 1.5.0 [free]


VOCALOID KAITOの声で時刻をお知らせする、アラームと時報のアプリです。









To know the time in the voice of VOCALOID KAITO, it is the alarm and hourly app.
Home (standby) Tap by placing the widget on the screen, makes reading the current time in the voice of KAITO.

■ Times feature
At least once every 30 minutes and 1 hour, automatically us to inform the time in voice.
Such as between sleep time and school-work, you can also set to stop the time signal only specified amount of time.

■ Alarm
I can set an alarm to read the time.
Since time is seen in voice, there is no need to look at the clock!
Alarm and, it is useful to keep an eye such as during work.
Illustrations from Ezo Renge-like, we have borrowed at Piapuro. I thank.
This application is what you use the name and illustrations of character "KAITO" of Crypton Future Media, Inc. based on Piapuro-character license.
※ "VOCALOID" is a registered trademark of Yamaha Corporation.

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