BIGO LIVE - Live Stream 4.15.0 [free]


From live video streaming to real-time interaction, BIGO allows you to live broadcast your life, connect with your friends, fans and favorite broadcasters as well as
following them.
BIGO LIVE, which is creating a completely new modernized world of connecting and sharing, has reached 150 million users around the world.
Don't wait – Join us, broadcast your life, gain fans and make new friends now.===NEW FEATURES===
Join Multi-Guest Live Group Video Chat Now
The Multi-Guest room is a much more fun way to interact with others. See what the groups are chatting and doing, then join them. Just imagine how crazy and funny it
Match & Line
Match a friend in your LIVE randomly or invite your friends to go live together.
Gifts PK
Gifts PK with another broadcaster. Show your talent and get more gifts here.===KEY FEATURES===
Singing, dancing, eating, chatting... Just broadcast what you are doing with nothing more than a smartphone.
▶ Watch Live Streams
Explore the amazing world through thousands of live videos or search for broadcasts by location or topic.
▶ Gameplay Streaming
Watch your favorite games, showcase your gameplay, meet gamers like yourself and play games together.
▶Vlogging Your Life
Turn your life and talent into creative vlog & discover all the vlogs you love.
▶ Real-Time Interaction
Chat with broadcasters, send them gifts or join the live.
▶ Guest Live
Invite your friends to co-host your show!
▶ People Nearby
Find interesting people around you via nearby live streaming & short videos. Join them and make friends with them.
▶ Exchange Gift to Cash
Exchange your beans to cash. Broadcast, earn money and rejoice!
More innovative & exciting features coming soon…
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