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Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game tiempo de actualización 1.0.24

The official adaptation of the famous board game Mysterium! Mysterium is a cooperative deduction game set in the 1920s in which a ghost guides a group

0 25.91 MB
Potion Explosion tiempo de actualización 1.3.1

The official adaptation of Potion Explosion, the award-winning puzzle board game. Play this game solo or against players from all over the world with

0 52.11 MB
Yachty Premium tiempo de actualización 1.2i

★ Officially the best dice game ever: A game of Yachty Deluxe consists of 13 rounds. In each round, you

0 22.11 MB
Chess Genius tiempo de actualización 3.0.4

ChessGenius, award winning chess program. The author's chess programs have won ten World Championships. -Simple, elegant user interface -Display of th

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Checkers tiempo de actualización 2.03

★ Top Developer (awarded 2013) ★ Checkers from AI Factory provides the best place to play Checkers on Android, supporting classic opening play and gam

0 3.77 MB
Shelter: A Survival Card Game tiempo de actualización 2.1.19

Shelter is an exciting new zombie card-dueling game. Playing like a hybrid of a collectible card game and the castle defense genre, Shelter will provi

0 45.78 MB
Mighty Dungeons tiempo de actualización 1.10.1

UPDATE: Available for PC & OSX on Steam and ! Don't miss it !!! Enjoy this fan-made dungeon crawler crossover between old-s

0 40.93 MB
Kingdom Builder tiempo de actualización 1.0.2

Kingdom Builder, winner of the German „Spiel des Jahres 2012“ award, now available for Android! Play exciting games against the computer in 3 difficul

0 39.45 MB
Rummikub HD tiempo de actualización 1.4.6

The original Rummikub (not Rummy nor Rummi or Remy) is one of the most popular family games, played by millions of people all over the world. The uniq

0 33.42 MB
Shogi Lv.100 (Japanese Chess) tiempo de actualización 1.1.2

Kanazawa Shogi Level 100 is the most popular Shogi (Japanese Chess) game in Japan. 【Version up!】 Now you can play against a stronger computer engine i

0 18.45 MB
Chess - Analyze This (Pro) tiempo de actualización 4.4.3

Analyze your chess game with the power of multiple Chess Engines! Leave your chess computer behind! /** FEATURES **/ ☆ Load and analyze your games fro

0 4.68 MB
最強の囲碁 ~Crazy Stone~ tiempo de actualización 1.1.2

【新作案内】 『最強の囲碁 Deep Learning』 最高棋力は六段!分析モードや道場モードも搭載しました。 『みんなの囲碁 Deep Learning』 無料で遊べる囲碁対局アプリ!最高棋力は三段。 -----------------------------------------------

0 23.26 MB
Galaxy Trucker tiempo de actualización 1.0.2

Galaxy Trucker Wanted! The award-winning adaptation of Vlaada Chvátil’s award-winning board game. Build space ships, dodge meteors, and fight off bad

0 46.48 MB
Mensch ärgere Dich nicht! tiempo de actualización 1.6.3

The one and only mobile version of the most popular board game in the world is now better than ever! This new and improved version supports tablets as

0 21.29 MB
Stratego® Single Player tiempo de actualización 1.1.1

Play the best Strategy game ever! Stratego® Official Single Player from Jumbo is all about good tactics, strategy and cold hard bluff, a combination o

0 36.54 MB
Scotland Yard tiempo de actualización 2.2

★★★★★ Ravensburger's cult game now available on Android ★★★★★ Scotland Yard is the digital version of the award-winning board game ("Game of the Year"

0 44.15 MB
GuessIT Guess the Words tiempo de actualización 1.0.4

Finally you can have a blast playing GuessIT, a game made for you and your friends. Play amazing content specifically created for your country, your p

0 43.32 MB
Ubongo - Puzzle Challenge tiempo de actualización 1.1.4

Fast-paced, addictive, and easy to learn – this puzzle game will challenge your brain! Sprint to solve a puzzle of interlocking shapes. The faster you

0 25.77 MB
Patchwork The Game tiempo de actualización 36

In this award-winning board game for two, quilting has never been more competitive! In the long-awaited digital adaptation of Uwe Rosenberg's Patchwor

0 41.1 MB
Agricola All Creatures... tiempo de actualización 21

Agricola: All Creatures Big & Small is a digital adaptation of Uwe Rosenberg's award-winning two-player board game featuring farming and livestock bre

0 43.98 MB
Clue tiempo de actualización 1.2.7

Clue is the classic mystery game! Now you can play the beloved Hasbro family board game on the go. WHO, with WHAT weapon and WHERE? Download the offic

0 24.4 MB
Sudoku tiempo de actualización 1.44

★ Top Developer (awarded 2013) ★ Same as our "Sudoku Free", but without ads. - 1500 Sudoku puzzles over 5 difficulty levels. - Super smooth interface

0 3.66 MB
Rummikub tiempo de actualización 3.1.24

The original Rummikub (not Rummy nor Rummi or Okey) is one of the most popular family games, played by millions of people all over the world. The uniq

0 49.84 MB
Splendor tiempo de actualización 2.0.4

Now with online multiplayer mode. The OFFICIAL digital adaptation of the best-selling board game Splendor. In Splendor, you embody a rich merchant dur

0 13.96 MB
MONOPOLY Game tiempo de actualización 2.0.1

It’s “GO” time! Take a ride on the Reading Railroad. Buy Boardwalk. Go directly to Jail. Buy, sell, and trade the famous MONOPOLY properties, and see

0 1.66 MB
Note Fighter Unlimited tiempo de actualización 1.0

A new way to experience classic music Help Steamy, the steampunk conductor, play along to your favorite symphonies from great composers like Mozart an

0 11.84 MB
Drums Pro tiempo de actualización 1

Sale 70% Off Now Sale 70% Off Now Drums Pro is an ad-free music drumming application with great beats! If you are a music enthusiast you should try it

0 29.87 MB
Galaxy Groove tiempo de actualización 1.2.0

** ON SALE for a limited time! Normal price is USD $1.99! ** Bring life to the Galaxy through the power of music! Jump, swim, bounce, fly, and dance y

0 51.88 MB
Caustic 3.2 SynthPad Pack 2 tiempo de actualización 1.0.0

This pack contains 16 high quality, equalized and compressed Caustic 3.2 Stereo PCMSynth presets especially designed for the Caustic App. Important: I

0 36.23 MB
Caustic 3.2 Techno Pack 3 tiempo de actualización 1.0.1

This pack contains 8 high quality equalized, compressed and panned Caustic 3.2 Stereo Beatbox kits especially designed for the Caustic 3.2 App workflo

0 27.13 MB
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