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New Cartoon Defense, finally coming back. Now, it is time for us to attack. Let’s force the dragon off and have the treasure.Cartoon Defense is a defe

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Optimized for Tablets! Paper Pinball is BitsAlive's new arcarde/action/doodle game that guarantees endless pinball fun... literally!The mission is sim

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Disco Bees 3.10

As unique as it is funny and punny - this is the game for you! Get down with the newest match-3 puzzle sensation!Disco Bees is the fun and exciting ne

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hacked 2.5

Are you a developer? Do you like coding? Then you're going to love Hacked.----------The game can be played in three very different modes :* Puzzles *I

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Gregg 1.1.1

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兔小强 3.0

“史上最难的跑酷游戏!!!”别看这只兔子萌萌很可爱,玩起来才知道有多变态。这才是“兔小强”名字的真正含义。“一命通关,五星达人”都不是你想要就能要的!你敢来挑战吗?!  【游戏介绍】   “兔小强”是兔星上“反应速度”最快的兔子,你需要帮助萌兔“小强”在精美的场景关卡中跳跃过各种障碍来通关。游戏非

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Tomb Escape 1.3.8

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Spiral Drive 1.0.3

Original Space based RTS designed by nicotuason with intuitive controls and immaculate HD graphics. 31 uniquely constructed levels challenge even the

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Mole Word 1.0.2

Word Mole fans will love Mole Word!  No more boring word games! Discover words, beat the clock, unlock the vault, free and collect gems, and uncover t

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Squirrely has lost his lifetime collection of acorns in an unfortunate geyser accident and now he needs your help!Roll the animals around and get Squi

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You’re in the last shivering minutes. The game is tied, but you just got an amazing opportunity to score. Do you have what it takes to do it? Challeng

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EnigmOn 1.5

Do you like to solve brain-teasing riddles ? Do you like to rack your brain on problems ? Do you like to take up challenges about everything ?So You

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Just when you thought Mahjong had been covered, along comes a stylish new Solitaire Mahjong game ready to take centre stage. The game looks incredible

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ThreeWave 1.4

Someone famous once said something like "It's important to remember that our actions also affect those around us". I don't know who it was, but someon

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Cyan 2.3

To celebrate the upcoming release of Cyan Colorized we have decided to make Cyan free!! Cyan Colorized is now on Indiegogo, please take a look: igg.m

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DOOORS 5.0.2

The purpose of this game is to break out of the rooms.Solve the hidden mysteries to open the door and escape from the room.● How to play - Collect it

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Hiversaires 1.0.2

Hiversaires is a cryptic point & click adventure game in a textless world. Created for adventurers who remember drawing maps to survive, the dark worl

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Amtalee 1.1.39

Addictive puzzle game. Figure out a way to guide the block through obstacles and let it slide into exit. Use switches to toggle bridges. After several

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Romans! 1.041

Now for something completely different from the developers of the Ravenmark saga. We’ve got Romans In My Carpet! - an absurd MULTIPLAYER turn-based st

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With over a million sales on other platforms, Mr Moles now debut on Android.English language version."... best adventure games I’ve ever seen on the i

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