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**If you are having trouble swapping or accessing your weapons hold the weapon button down to expand the list between melee and ranged weapons.We are

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Real Steel 1.37.1

Champions aren't born. They're made.The ONLY official "Real Steel" game on App Store. ★★★★★ "Game looks fun as hell." 
- Gizmodo  ★★★★★ "Real Steel i

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Globulous 1.4

Classic block-puzzler gameplay, brand new world. Take a ball of blocks. Spin the ball to find two blocks the same. Drop a third to make ‘em disappear.

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Bacteria in the jar is a free bacteria popping game with unlimited amount of challenging levels.Bacteria in the jar is simple game. You have the jar w

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Zig Zag Boom 1.3.2

Follow the zigzag path and don't hit the wall. Tap to switch the direction! Unlock up to 4 energy balls in this endlessly addicting game.Get ready to

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2048 beta 5.0

Classical 2048 in new style material design!I would be extremely grateful for feedback

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What If... 2.4.6

What if.. is a question game where you say "Yes" or "No" to casual, personal, challenging and crazy questions and immediately see how other players an

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JellyWars 1.58

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FLINGING BIRDS HAS NEVER BEEN MORE FUN The definitive bubble shooter game has finally arrived for Android! Flocks of innocent birds are trapped in bu

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Bloons TD 4 2.1.0

THE OFFICIAL BLOONS® TD 4 HAS ARRIVED ON THE ANDROID MARKET!The monkeys are getting serious and are ready to take down the enemy from the land, air an

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If you liked the early Sim City tycoon games, you will definitely love this city building game! In City Island you will build houses for your citizen

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UKongCow 1.2.0

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Take charge of your own magazine! It's up to you to turn heads and help your community grow through the power of the press!It all starts with compelli

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Flappy 3D 2.2

Flappy is BACK! Now more FUN and visually STUNNING than ever before. Experience the Thrill and Excitement while you bravely navigate YOUR character th

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Paper Jet 1.6

New ultimate arcade from Boolba Labs! New ultimate arcade from Boolba Labs, makers of "Smiley Pops"! Throw the Paper Jet as far as you can! Gather

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Have fun surfing in this space dash adventure. Surf along the white lines and collect as many coins as possible on your way. However, remember to avoi

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Do you wanna be surround by adorable girls? Do you wanna own your exclusive restaurant? Do you wanna build your own harem? Do you wanna train your gir

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The Sandbox 1.99981

Play God & Create Worlds with Life or Destroy everything within a tap of your finger!Awards Received: BEST OF WORLD-BUILDING GAMES (iTunes), BEST OF G

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Red Green Blue is a beautiful, relaxing, minimalist game with challenging gameplay and calming music!Elegantly simple gameplay makes the game addictiv

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