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kds宽带山 3.2.9


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AnFetion 1.1.0

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手机QQ 2011

[Software introduction] Mobile phone QQ(Android)is Tencent designed for Android platform users to create anywhere to chat QQ mobile phone instant mes

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Jiepang 5.1.0

Jiepang – city life, friends, food, travel, music, movies, events, weibo, blog, journalJiepang 5.0 is here, check out how we’re redefining the check i

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Now with full Google Voice support!Easily manage text messages in a new and up to date format compliant with the Android design guidelines and visuall

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Talon 4.5.3

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AndStatus 35.06

AndStatus is an Open Source low traffic social networking client with tree-like threaded conversations.It supports different Social networks, includin

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Beme 1.0.26

Is a simple and unpretentious to share the best moments with others. Using this app, you can open the best moments of your movie and taken it to shar

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人人 9.1.1

人人网( 简称 人人,是中国最大的实名制的SNS网络平台。通过每个人真实的人际关系,满足各类用户对社交、资讯、娱乐等多方面的沟通需求。 人人 Android以全新的界面、流畅的操作流程,集成人人网(最核心的新鲜事、状态、相册、日志、位

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脸萌HD 1.0.1

脸萌 for Pad,感觉自己萌萌哒~ [最美应用]与[AppSolution]官方推荐,36氪、爱范儿等知名媒体报道。 「脸萌HD」是一款非常有趣的拼脸软件,即使你不会画画,也可以轻松制作你的专属卡通头像。

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Slingshot 1.0.1

Slingshot is the best way to share life as it happens. Filter, draw and caption fullscreen photos and record looping videos, then sling them to your f

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好奇喵 7.2.0


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VMS 2.1.2

VMS Application can be transferred to an external device of your smartphone’s Screen.It is available only Galaxy S 2.2(froyo). Routing is required.

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红桃九 0.9.0

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HiPDA·NG 4.3.03

HiPDA是一个讨论数码产品为主的论坛。HiPDA·NG 则是为其开发的非官方客户端,开源,免费,没有广告。** 注意:你必需有一个HiPDA论坛帐号才可以使用。作者在论坛ID为“绿皮怪兽”,请在客户端帖子查看详细说明,常见问题或者进行反馈。

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Ice 0.12.7

Ice is a native Android app that functions as a client for Valve™'s Steam™ network -- enabling you to chat and trade on the go!What it supports:- Stea

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TapDeck 4.4.0

★ Smart Device? Smart Wallpaper.TapDeck turns your wallpaper into a gateway of content discovery.• Double Tap to change your wallpaper. • Swipe Up to

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