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般若心経 tiempo de actualización 1.0.7

画面の右下の木魚か、画面をタップします、タップする毎に、1文字づつカーソルが進んで行き、 最後まで通して読むと、カウントアップされます。 左下の数字は、何回読んだかの回数を示しています。 右下の数字は、現在の文字数を示しています。 Tap the wooden fish at the botto

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Lexulous Word Game tiempo de actualización 5.6.81

This is the best word game for all ages. Beat players at the easier levels first and then get a go at the toughest word game players in the world! Com

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Imagine Language & Literacy tiempo de actualización 3.129.5224

Imagine Language & Literacy® harnesses the power of technology to teach language and literacy to students around the world through engaging, interacti

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Barnyard Games For Kids Free tiempo de actualización 6.6

Fun and educational games for toddlers and kids. Ages 18 months and up! Great for preschool and kindergarten aged kids 14 games in one! Colorful graph

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프렌즈사천성 for Kakao tiempo de actualización 4.2.5

◈ 프렌즈사천성은 어떤 게임일까요~? ◈ # 다양한 프렌즈와 함께 매직 스푼을 찾아 떠나는 신나는 모험! - 바리스타 어피치, 쇼다이버 라이언 등 새로운 프렌즈의 모습을 확인하세요! # 같은 그림의 음식 블록을 맞추다보면 어느새 스테이지 클리어! - 당신의 손은 눈보다

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Simon's Cat - Pop Time tiempo de actualización 1.26.3

Simon’s Cat in POP Time! - A 'bubble shooter' adventure game. Published by Tactile Games Ltd. Mr. Potts has finally cracked and is on the hunt for Sim

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Heads Up! tiempo de actualización 4.2.105

Heads Up! is the fun and hilarious new game that Ellen DeGeneres plays on her show -- and now you can play it with your friends! From naming celebriti

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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode tiempo de actualización 2.4

Action Packed RPG starring Disney and Pixar Heroes! Join the battle in this action-packed RPG starring Disney and Pixar heroes from The Incredibles, W

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Бои танчиков: миссии tiempo de actualización 1.5

Бои танчиков 2: миссии - это мини пошаговая стратегия. 12 непростых миссий, в которых необходимо быть не только точнее, но и хитрее соперника. Как сле

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ngurutke tiempo de actualización 1.0.8

Bermain dan Berkomunikasi dalam Satu Aplikasi

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Tebak Gambar Jomblo tiempo de actualización 1.4

Tebak Gambar Jomblo menyajikan kumpulan gambar yang berkaitan dengan kegaluan para jombloer, Cocok sekali untuk menemani anda menikmati masa-masa jomb

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Peg Solitaire tiempo de actualización 11.2

Pegs is a classic puzzle, known by different names: - A soldier. - Only one. - Senku. - Peg Solitaire. - Brainvita. - Hi-Q The most popular board is E

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More Sudoku tiempo de actualización 0.4.7

Sudoku is a mathematical logic game. The object of the game is the placement of numbers from 1 to 9 in each of the empty cells in a 9x9 grid, consisti

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Chess Moves ♟ Free chess game tiempo de actualización 2.8.5

ONE PLAYER Play against the mobile and test your skills against 10 levels! - 10 unique levels - Also check your score (Win / Draw / Lost..) - Take bac

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CrossWords Spanish tiempo de actualización 2.5

Thank you for downloading CrossWord in Spanish. Practice your mental agility and your vocabulary with this classic pencil and paper game. If you are s

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התשחץ שלי tiempo de actualización 5.6.2

- עשרות תשחצים בגדלים שונים לשעות של כיף והנאה! - עדכונים עם תשחצים חדשים מדי חודש! - בדיקה אוטומטית של התשובות! - שמירת ההתקדמות בכל תשחץ! - הצגת ההת

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Yatzy Offline - Single Player Dice Game tiempo de actualización 1.5.20

Yatzy classic is one of the oldest and most loved classic dice game in the world! The game’s name has stayed relatively the same across the globe thro

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Merge Quest tiempo de actualización 2.27.0

Experience a different kind of idle game! Merge, evolve and discover hundreds of weapons and equipment for your hero as you watch him slay monsters on

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Jigsaw Puzzle Plus tiempo de actualización 3.9.10

We've selected the best images and brought classic jigsaw puzzle experience to your screens. The game provides an unbeatable gameplay for puzzle lover

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Jungle Mahjong : Free matching puzzle tiempo de actualización 1.0.7

* About Jungle Mahjong 1. Connect the same animal tiles, pair matching game. 2. Connect animals game, free matching puzzle game. 3. Match the same ani

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